First Deconstruction Board

IMG_0597Deconstruction Board I step 1

Deconstruction Board step 2First step was to mask board with contact paper. Second step was to mist board with water thendrop in watercolor washesFour boards have been painted with three layers of a mixture of Gesso and Whiting. I plan to use watercolor and contact paper to mask to get the initial colors down.  Then I will add permanent marker, dry pigment mixed with acrylic medium, graphite powder, and ink.  I am looking for an elemental shape moving in space.  I want soft edges, movement, and depth.  For this board I turned to an image of jellyfish floating in water.Jellyfish The idea was to tear down an image to its essential movement in the spirit of Brancusci’s Bird In Space. The shapes do not need to be recognizable, they just have to push the eye from one area of the board to another or through the implied atmosphere of the image.